Diversity in Business: Why Women Should Take Part in Strategic Business Decisions

The world of business is gradually changing. The phrase “it’s a man’s world “is slowly dying off in the business landscape. Women are beginning to take control of the business organization and carry out major business transactions. Continue reading “Diversity in Business: Why Women Should Take Part in Strategic Business Decisions”

How Buildings Are Reducing Their Emissions

Amidst the push for more environmentally-friendly practices, many cities are now creating legislature and emission targets that will benefit the environment. According to NewYork Engineers, by 2050 New York City would like to reduce their emissions to 80% of the pollutant levels in 2005; a process which will require a unique solution for each building. Legislature like New York City’s places many new challenges on buildings to figure out ways to reduce their emissions. There are a number of ways that buildings, from residential to corporate, can go about reducing their emissions, and a few of these methods are listed below. Continue reading “How Buildings Are Reducing Their Emissions”

Your Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Online Business

Aspiring to be the next dotcom entrepreneur-slash-millionaire? While online businesses are prized for their capacity to generate substantial revenues without needing the manual labor and legwork that traditional brick-and-mortar stores go through, running a successful eCommerce store can take time, money, and constant rejection and failure before you get your head out of the water and start making real profits. Sure, there’s a couple of feel-good-and-inspired stories out there about ordinary people becoming successful entrepreneurs overnight, but this falls as an exception rather than a rule. Here are 10 steps on running a successful online-based store: Continue reading “Your Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Online Business”

5 Ways to Cut Business Costs Using Technology

Cutting costs does not mean sacrificing business growth, at least not anymore. By providing an array of effective cost-cutting options, technological advancements have made it easier for businesses of all kinds to reduce their costs. But while technology has impacted how we do business today, informed decision making remains vital to business growth. As such, the success of your business might be determined by the types of technology you decide to use and how you choose to implement them. To help improve your chances of success, here are five ways you can use technology to cut your business costs. Continue reading “5 Ways to Cut Business Costs Using Technology”

Tips For Making it Through Your First Year in Business

Few small businesses make much profit their first year- if they make any profit at all. Even with a low start-up cost business, you will eventually need to invest money into your business in order to grow it by expanding products, services, moving into new geographic territories, or hiring others to help you. Continue reading “Tips For Making it Through Your First Year in Business”

Students Drive Socially Responsible Marketing

It is no secret that college students are a very lucrative target for businesses. They are constantly surrounded with brands messaging to them and attempting to grab their attention. A rising trend for all college students is the preference of purchasing from brands that follow social responsibility and give back to the community. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to understand and act upon the expectations of this consumer group to enact socially responsible marketing. Pro-social messaging, sustainable emphasis on manufacturing methods and ethical business standards are some of the many ways businesses can practice social responsibility.

Nielsen’s Annual Global Corporate Sustainability Report discovered that 66% of consumers overall are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand. Seventy-three percent of college students made the same preference. Also, 81% of this demographic even expect their favorite companies to publicize declarations of corporate citizenship. According to the Cone Communications CSR Study, more than nine out of ten college students would switch brands to those associated with a cause. College students are willing to spend the extra money towards products they know are giving back to the community.


Breaking Common Stereotypes On Your Interview

We are often viewed by older generations as being lazy or as being more focused on enjoying personal life experiences than working toward career growth. These and other common misconceptions about millennials can make it difficult for you to succeed with your job interview.

After all, you may feel as though you need to overcome a particular stereotype and be the best candidate for the position at the same time. This seemingly puts you at a disadvantage in comparison to other job seekers. However, there are simple steps that you can take to change preconceived notions and land a great job in your field. Continue reading “Breaking Common Stereotypes On Your Interview”

Ways to Deal with Looming Student Loans

Students who graduated in 2014, left with their degree in one hand and roughly $33,000 worth of student loans in the other. While this hefty price tag may have put some graduates at a disadvantage financially, there are many resources available to help effectively manage scholastic debts while setting oneself up for future financial success. Whether you want lower payments, assistance with paying down your loans, or have your loans forgiven altogether, continue reading to learn about all the options available to you. Continue reading “Ways to Deal with Looming Student Loans”

Trends in the Workplace Students Should Prepare For

Millennials are having a huge impact on trends in the workforce today. They are now the single largest working demographic, and they look upon their employment in different ways than past generations. More companies are being forced to adapt to stay productive. Here are just four of the ways that Millennials are changing the workplace. Continue reading “Trends in the Workplace Students Should Prepare For”