Why Teens Like YouTube Stars More Than Celebrities

The fastest way to become a celebrity in our culture is through a free video-streaming website in which anyone can post anything they like (so long as it stays within the companies guidelines). That website of course, is YouTube, and the stars who are born on YouTube are more popular than traditional celebrities among teenagers according to new surveys

The top five people who teenagers said they liked as celebrities were all people from YouTube. These were: Smosh, The Fine Bros, PewDiePie, KSI, and Ryan Higa. It was not until you got to number 6 Paul Walker that you had a non-YouTuber make the list.  Continue reading “Why Teens Like YouTube Stars More Than Celebrities”

Fashion Trends And Tips For The Winter

Want to know the hottest trends for Winter? From tactile fabrics and soft touches that compliment otherwise basic winter essentials, Fall/Winter 2017-2018 is all about texture. In fact, you can update your winter wardrobe by layering soft fabrics for texture and warmth. Read on below to find out what trends you will be seeing this season — and how to wear them.  Continue reading “Fashion Trends And Tips For The Winter”

Deciding Where To Live Post College

Ending college is a weird time, it’s just a fact. You’re finally done with two decades of school, are expected to get a “real” job, and usually need to find somewhere to live and start your adult life. Do you go home to your parents? A completely new city? There are a lot of questions surrounding location, and the right choice really depends on your circumstances. But the fun part is, it’s a perfect time to experiment with location. Plus, nothing is permanent! Here are a few options for where to live after graduation: Continue reading “Deciding Where To Live Post College”

How To Gain Inspiration For Your Work

As an artist, people are always telling me how much they wish they could be more artsy. My standard response? You can!

What’s more, you don’t have to be born with amazing artistic abilities in order to enjoy art and creativity. For Millennials who are serious about wanting to bring out their inner artist and make creativity a part of their life, here are some tips to get started. Continue reading “How To Gain Inspiration For Your Work”