5 Reasons to Wear Compression Sleeves and Socks

It is commonplace now when entering a gym, track, or athletic facility, to see a large number of people wearing compression sleeves or compression socks. Professional athletes are commonly seen sporting this equipment as well. But why do people wear compression gear? There are a number of benefits that compression equipment can provide, and many people these days are beginning to sport compression gear. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Wear Compression Sleeves and Socks”

Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

As with anything that’s worth attaining in life, a one size fits all approach doesn’t usually work well for drug addiction recovery. Depending on you and your particular case, a treatment plan will need to be adjusted accordingly, in order to suit you and your particular circumstances. The good news is you can take control of your own situation at any time, by working toward finding a method that sounds the most appealing to you. Since you know yourself better than anyone else does, you’re in the best position for this. Before you arrive at any conclusions, you should know more about each one of your options. Here are a few different methods that tackle the same issue and are capable of leaving you with the same, tried-and-true results. Continue reading “Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction”

Is Your Doctor Being Paid By Pharmaceutical Companies?

Have you ever wondered if your doctor is being paid by pharmaceutical companies? As it turns out, the answer is quite probably yes. A number of studies have shown that approximately half of all doctors in the United States receive payments, gifts or meals from drug and medical device companies. This could certainly be a cause for concern, particularly since the trend seems to be increasing. Continue reading “Is Your Doctor Being Paid By Pharmaceutical Companies?”

7 Healthy Habits You Will Thank Yourself For Later

Most people want to practice a healthy lifestyle and increase their lifespan with the habits they exercise each day. It can require discipline and self-control, but making healthy choices can pay off long-term. If you want to improve your health, there are a few healthy habits you will thank yourself for later on in life.
Continue reading “7 Healthy Habits You Will Thank Yourself For Later”

Benefits of Being a Morning Person

Each person has a genetically-determined clock that manages the productivity. No one can adjust it or hear it tick but its effects are felt by everyone throughout the day. You have probably heard about the debate over the productivity capacities of people called “morning larks” and people called “night owls” and wondered how to be more productive yourself. Every one of us could really use being more productive because of our crazy lifestyles and work demands. Continue reading “Benefits of Being a Morning Person”

Common Toxins Lurking in Your Apartment

You like to think of your home as a safe and comfortable environment. For the most part, it is. Unfortunately, there might be hidden toxins, and not so hidden toxins, in your home that could be adversely affecting your health. Let’s take a look at some of these toxins and how you can eliminate or reduce them to create a healthier habitat. Continue reading “Common Toxins Lurking in Your Apartment”

Millennials Impact on Health Care Insurance

Just like the baby boomers before them, millennials are making a serious mark on the world and how it works. Health care hasn’t escaped them, and it’s bound to be much different in the upcoming years, as millennials come into their own as the dominant age group. Here’s how they’re already changing things up. Continue reading “Millennials Impact on Health Care Insurance”

Simple Ways to Track Health Progress

The scale is the go-to measure of health success., yet the number that you see on the scale is just one measure of health progress, and in many cases it doesn’t even accurately reflect your success. For example, muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’re strength training, but losing inches on your waist, you’ll see a higher number. Suddenly you spin out: Continue reading “Simple Ways to Track Health Progress”