Different Types Of Innovative Cashless Technologies

Over the last 25 years, many previously cash transactions became cashless. Receiving a salary, paying rent, and paying bills are transactions that have become mostly cashless. Still, many small daily transactions are regularly paid with cash; credit cards are used as well. A new change over the last couple of years is cashless technologies such as digital wallets, mobile payments, cryptocurrency, and cashless software applications that are making cash transactions less common. Continue reading “Different Types Of Innovative Cashless Technologies”

How to Conduct a msvcr120.dll Download to Launch Software?

Sometimes when you try to launch a game (for example, Rust, Euro Truck Simulator, Bioshock, etc.) or any other type of software you see an error message appearing because of the absence of the msvcr120.dll file on your computer. The mistake can arise in Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64-bit). Continue reading “How to Conduct a msvcr120.dll Download to Launch Software?”

Virtual Functioning of Contemporary Universities

Virtual Functioning of Contemporary Universities

The universities today are different than they were some decades ago. In every country educational institutions struggle to modernize regular educational process. One of the most efficient ways to do is to introduce Information Communication Technologies into the learning process. Continue reading “Virtual Functioning of Contemporary Universities”

What goes into repairing industrial automation equipment

The computer age has accelerated the trend toward automation of factories and other facilities. Yet despite technological advances, computers and robots remain limited in their ability to repair themselves. Human action and thought are still required to repair industrial automation equipment.  Continue reading “What goes into repairing industrial automation equipment”

5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Secure

Technology has come of age, and so have cybercriminals and hacker’s tactics. They lurk in every corner of the digital world, tracking your digital footprints, and looking for vulnerabilities in your computer. Avoid falling into their trap by taking all the necessary computer precautions with regards to how you interact or store your computer. Continue reading “5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Secure”

Net Neutrality And Its Impact On Consumers

In a matter of weeks, the Federal Communication Commission will be voting on (and will likely approve) changes to Obama-administration rules that regulate internet service providers (ISPs). The highly technical rules passed in 2015 groups ISP regulations with telephone regulations. There are pros and cons to the changes, depending on differing perspectives. Continue reading “Net Neutrality And Its Impact On Consumers”

Expanding Your Hobbies Past Tech

If someone asked you “What’s your hobby?” how would you respond? Would you say “watching TV,” like over half of the millennials surveyed by the Urban Land Institute? Would you name something wacky, like building sculptures out of knickknacks in your backyard?

There’s nothing wrong with watching TV, surfing the Internet or posting witty one-liners on Twitter. Tech-savviness is the defining feature of Gen Y, after all. Still, when you get down to it, non tech hobbies that don’t involve TV, shiny gadgets or the World Wide Web have a place in the Information Age too. Continue reading “Expanding Your Hobbies Past Tech”

Why Wearable Technology is Booming

These days most physical activity is measured in steps. Steps, of course, referring to the step counter on Fitbits. Because of the popularity of Fitbits and others like them, millennials are looking at fitness in a whole new way. Additionally, technology is becoming more personalized and convenient with the creation of smartwatches. Because of these advancements, millennials are expecting a more personalized experience from their technology. Continue reading “Why Wearable Technology is Booming”

Advancements In Agricultural Technology

Farmers have always been interested in finding easier, better and more sustainable methods in the provision of food and health. Over time, the wheelbarrow transitioned into a pickup truck, changing the way harvests moved from the farm to the market while advancements in agricultural technology have enabled the farmer to progress rapidly while still maintaining the necessary balance of supply and demand. Continue reading “Advancements In Agricultural Technology”