Diversity in Business: Why Women Should Take Part in Strategic Business Decisions

The world of business is gradually changing. The phrase “it’s a man’s world “is slowly dying off in the business landscape. Women are beginning to take control of the business organization and carry out major business transactions.

Women are going from running the family to managing the affairs of multinational companies and corporate organizations. The woman folks significantly influence all the decisions made by a family; this makes them top influencers in the global business market. Most of the products are services thriving today depend heavily on the women folk for their patronage.

Aside from wiping out baby’s food and choosing the right hair extension (which can be very difficult without proper knowledge), women are viable business partners that have continuously helped the growth of many product or services.

In a world where technology is the driving force of globalization, women are beginning to get empowered and informed about the various trends in business; this means that even in countries with cultures that naturally subdue women, technology is breaking all barriers.

So why give women a chance to take part in strategic business decisions? Balance is the key to stability, and every business needs balance to remain stable for proper growth and development. Women need more opportunities to partake in crucial business decisions not because they want to be equal with men, the following reasons will shed more light.

Relationships Matters

A successful business partnership starts off with a healthy relationship between two parties. Although technology currently drives most of the businesses going on in the world today, Humans still run the world and relationships are still crucial for long-term business partnerships. Women see to it that a relationship grows and nature business relationships, they ensure healthy communication between alliances.

This is because, in relationships, women tend to communicate more and men only tend to be informed. The world is tilting from information to communication age, social media is taking over the world now, and decision-makers need to communicate and engage their audience fruitfully. This makes women a better choice when it comes to nurturing long lasting business relationships.

Better Collaboration

Women are more patient and understanding when it comes to business partnerships. This makes them better collaborators than men. Men are great in cooperation, but this is only for a reason, men have to cooperate for both parties to carry out business successfully. But the world today is shifting from that old method of communication to a more networked and connected outlook.

This means that women are needed now at the helm of affairs to ensure better collaborations and effective networking. Failure to do so many led to having “Silos,” and nobody wants to have silos in their company.

Passion as a Positive Emotion

Women are more emotional beings. And once they develop a passion for a product, business or company, they become driven by emotion and will go to any length to ensure they fulfill their desire for that company. Men are emotional too, but unlike women, they try hard not to show it off.

Passion is a great tool that can be used to successfully lead a business, break new grounds and even launch new products and services.

This does not mean that men are not passionate about business. The fact is that a female addition to a male-dominated group will see to it that the benefits of emotion and passion as a strong driving force for growth and innovation is fully harnessed

This does not go to say to women are better off than men when it comes to making business decisions. They are elements in women which may also hinder their abilities to make objective decisions. However, this goes to highlight the need for diversity when it comes to strategic decision making.

Yes- there is a need for diversity when it comes to business decisions, not just the popular black and white diversity, but the male-female diversity too. Diversity is a potent force that can help any business organization move forward.

Diversity presents better solutions to problems, allows for faster resolution of challenges and offers a better opportunity for growth and development. Diversity is essential for every business because time changes everything, from the way we buy, sell, innovate, collaborate, train, and even market. Every organization needs to be flexible in other to remain relevant or face going into extinction.

We cannot keep doing the same thing over again and expect different results. The future is bright when women get actively involved in decision making. Women will bring the desired balance back to the world of business. Women and men have to work together for firms to reach greater heights and for government organizations to move forward. We need to support the female folks and help them achieve the height of their careers. We need diversity, and it starts with you and me.