How to Conduct a msvcr120.dll Download to Launch Software?

Sometimes when you try to launch a game (for example, Rust, Euro Truck Simulator, Bioshock, etc.) or any other type of software you see an error message appearing because of the absence of the msvcr120.dll file on your computer. The mistake can arise in Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64-bit).

First of all it has to be mentioned: there are two options for solving this issue.You can either msvcr120.dll download from the reputable website or make it appeared on your computer installing the specific software from Microsoft website. Both options are good enough, however, avoid looking for a torrent or the website to take a msvcr120.dll from — loading from such sources is risky – you may download malware software or just lose your time if you download corrupted file that is stated to be original. Actually, this library is enough to be downloaded from the Microsoft official website and it is easy to install it on the computer.

What Is a msvcr120.dll Library?

Msvcr120.dll is one of libraries which is included in the package of the components necessary for implementation of the new programs developed with use of Visual Studio 2013 C++ extended packages.

Downloading a msvcr120.dll from The Microsoft Website

Respectively, everything that needs to be made is to download these components from the official site and to install them on the computer. For this purpose it is possible to use the official website link in order to make sure you choose the latest version of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and you also should know that if you have 64-bit Windows you need to download and install both x64 and x86 versions of the software. You also need to download and install vcredist_arm.exe anyway.

Now all you need to do is to launch the game or software you did not manage to run earlier. If the error is fixed and software was successfully launched, the problem is stated to be solved. However, sometimes you still see the message of error.

What Should I Do If It Did Not Help?

If there is still the msvcr120.dll missing error or that the file isn’t intended for use in Windows and contains a mistake you need to solve this issue in another way.

In some cases, even after installation of the specified components the mistake upon launch of the program doesn’t disappear and, moreover, the text of the error sometimes changes. In this case, look at the program’s folder contents and if there is the msvcr120.dll file, remove it (or temporarily move to any other folder). Afterwards make the launch attempt again.

If the problem is solved, than the reason of the error was in the fact the program has turned to the library located in its folder instead of turning to the library installed by your recently from the microsoft website. And it appears that the file in the program’s folder was corrupted, so after you have deleted it the program has turned to the original library.