We are writing a sermon.

Some four months ago, when Soren and Jen mentioned casually in passing that Marsh Associates would be preaching at some point during the year, I felt somewhat paralyzed.  People spend years in school learning how to do that well, and I’ve got absolutely zero training in that department.

But I’m starting to get really excited for Ash Wednesday.  During our weekly preaching workshop this afternoon, I felt like DJ, Abigail and I–with Soren and Jen guiding us, were able to wrestle with the outline of our sermon, thinking about how to fit in the biblical exegesis we worked on last week, the stories that we think make the matter more relatable, the theology that ties together our understanding of the scripture.

I’m still nervous as all get out about preaching–don’t get me wrong.  I feel like it’s an amount of authority that I don’t deserve, and a platform from which many incredible men and women have spoken.  I’m not sure how it will feel to talk about such personal theological experiences and thoughts with my peers, and others in the BU community.

But I’m starting to feel ready for it, and very excited.  I’m connecting with the scripture, and with my co-preachers.  I’m eager to get a chance to practice my public speaking outside of my usual Admissions context.  And I’m sensing that this will be a deeply spiritual experience for me, which I’m really starting to look forward to as it begins to unfold.

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