Junior Campaign

As I begin my junior campaign here at Boston University, I feel the pressure of the moment and the need to do something. There has to be a focus this year. Moves have to be made and I met push myself to new heights. The pressure comes from myself, it’s what’s gotten me thus far. I live for the pressure. It’s the thing I think about the most. I’ve always been my own worst critic.

Since establishing myself as a student leader on campus and finding ways to leave a legacy at this university. I have focused on this idea of stagnation. It’s a fear of mine. Being in the same place, doing the same thing and having the same impact. Thus, this junior year I decided I have to go. My next move post undergrad must place me in an environment that requires me to grow once again. ¬†Perhaps I will come back to Boston, but for now I have to go in order to be the person I want to be.


So, this junior year, I will begin to take steps that make stagnation impossible. I’m excited about my last two years here at BU, but I’m ¬†also excited about what’s next. The present moment is a blessing and I am very aware of that and I will enjoy those moments. But, my vision is tunneled and my focus has shifted to constant movement and growth.

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