Thank you Marsh Chapel!

I’ve thought about numerous things to write about for my last blog post as a Marsh Associate, and honestly it was harder than I thought it would be. There are so many things I want to say and that I wish I could tell everyone that’s been through this journey over the past two years, but I only have one word right now: Thank you.

To Tom, Devin, Denise, Phoebe, Emi, and Nick: Thank you so much for welcoming me into such an amazing group of people. I am forever changed because I had the chance to be with y’all. I will never forget the memories I made my first semester as a BU student and Marsh Associate, and I will hold all of y’all in my heart forever.

To TJ, Shruti, and Alec: Thank you for being so welcoming, kind, and helpful to me when I was just starting out at BU. I learned a lot from y’all, and while it’s been quite a ride we have all been on, I couldn’t imagine any other group of people I’d rather go on this journey with, and I look forward to what our futures hold for us.

To Br. Larry, Rev. Karen, and Jess: Thank you so much for supporting me and helping me grow in God’s love over the past two years, and helping me answer some interesting and thought-provoking questions, and guiding me through the way of love.

To Dean Hill: What can I say to show you how much I appreciate your warmth, kind heart, and support for me as I’ve grown up over the past two years. You helped make Marsh a second home for me from the beginning, and I am eternally grateful to know someone as amazing and compassionate as you.

To all the office staff, and everyone that has helped make Marsh such an incredible experience for me: Thank you so much for everything all of y’all have done, and I  pray we will all be together again soon. I will always remember y’all, and I will treasure every moment, big and small, that we have shared over the past two years.

Walk in love and stay safe everyone, and thank you again!

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