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Thoughts on the BU Study on Sexual Assault

There were numerous statistics and numbers on the BU sexual assault survey that came out last week. The quantifiable measurements were innumerable. Many of those statistics were quite disheartening, shocking, and downright demoralizing. One such statistic that I felt was missing was that of an emotional statistic. What is the response to such numbers by […]

A Chilly Breeze

There’s a chill in the air again here in Boston. Over the summer, I spent most of my time inside the semi-cool Green Line cars and indoors in office buildings, escaping the hot-humid air. But upon the start of the school year, there is that, all too familiar now, chilling breeze, signaling the entrance of […]

What Do I Receive?

I write this post today after a week of pause to recollect and remind myself of the things that I am thankful for having in my life. I am issuing this practice as a meditative guide and prayer list after recalling the following quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “In normal life we hardly realize how much […]

Christmas is Coming

Last week I walked into my apartment in South Campus to the sound of Christmas music. My roommate and fellow intern TJ was indulging in the classic Christmas tune “Jingle Bell Rock.” As a staunch December-only Christmas music listener, I jokingly cried out, “TJ! It’s only October 16th! Why in the world are you listening […]

Pause and Presence

This morning, I meditated. I’ve done many different types of meditation throughout my life, but this time felt different. Perhaps, it was the fact that I was alone and decided to meditate myself instead of in a group setting. During my meditation I prayed and reflected on the week ahead, and the week behind me. […]

Remembering Faith In Rachmaninoff

I just returned from a BU Orchestra concert. To be quite honest, my expectations were not incredibly high given the fact that we’ve only been in school for about a month. Yet, I was surprised as to how well the orchestra actually played. The musicians created a full, rich sound while sharing moments of deep musicality, visibly moving many […]

Listening for the Unexpected

As the son of a United Methodist pastor, the grandson of a United Methodist theologian, the grand-nephew of a widely-known United Methodist preacher, the grand-nephew of a United Methodist theology teacher, and even the great-grandson of an Irish immigrant Methodist clergy, the term Methodist carries a great deal of meaning in my life. Inundated with […]

Lost Key

Well I had myself a bit of a scare yesterday. After traveling back from the dry cleaners, I realized my room key was not in my left front pocket (where it usually lives). Luckily, I had left my door unlocked since the dry cleaners was only about 200 yards away. Upon entering my room and […]

If We Love it Enough

Easter sermons are always memorable to me for some reason. Perhaps, it is the complete joy and wholesomeness I feel on Easter morning. Or perhaps, it is due to an increased attentiveness after the horn quintet has finished blaring, “Christ the Lord Has Risen Today.” Either way, I felt a strong connection to the Dean’s […]

A Dinner with Two Doctors

Tonight I had dinner with my step-cousin and his wife at a dimly-lit French place in Cambridge. The food was both interesting and delicious. One memorable dish was a fried rabbit leg, for better or worse. However, our conversation over this dinner was all the more interesting. Both my cousin and his wife are practicing doctors. […]