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A Warm Invitation

I learned a valuable lesson in ministry this week: a personal invitation can go a long way. I have been struggling with the best way to do outreach for OUTLook, because it has seemed that my previous methods have been futile. I can make public statuses, facebook events, and large announcements, but somehow we kept […]

Why do I believe what I believe, in my context?

I recently came across this article in the National Catholic Reporter, which is my favorite resource for all things Catholic (and when you’ve been around as many Methodists as I have, sometimes you really need some Catholic time) (I kid) and it brought up a question that I’ve been dealing with for a long time: […]

Circling Upwards and Sliding Backwards

I have yet again put too much on my plate this semester. I have a chronic hoarding problem that affects my mentality when scheduling, so this semester, like so many semesters before, I find myself with too much to do and too little time. And I want to emphasize, THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. This is […]

The Water in the Glass with the Coaster upside down on the Table

I want to start by admitting something: this blog terrifies me. Blogging in general terrifies me. I am not much of a writer, and putting my thoughts down onto paper (generally putting my thoughts into words) is something I am very actively working on because I don’t like doing it. I have had to blog […]

Advent Advent

Advent is coming. The season of anticipation of Christ’s arrival is almost here, making this week an Advent of Advent (sort of, not officially liturgically speaking of course). Many of my friends use Thanksgiving as the official cue to start playing Christmas/holiday themed music, but I am a pretty staunch advocate of waiting until the […]

Sermon on Luke 18:9-14

I was asked to preach this Sunday, and so I went for it. Here it is! ——————— In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the ill-fated prince assembles a group of players to act out a play that implicates the King in the murder of the previous King, Hamlet’s father. He says to them, “For anything so o’erdone […]

World Communion Sunday

Happy World Communion Sunday! Any occasion that has a larger, worldwide ecumenical focus is an event that gets my attention. There are many reasons for this, among them my pension for dramatic, worldwide things. But on a more serious note, the Eucharist is, for me, the most potent mystery and challenge of being a Christian. […]

Where am I?

Where Am I?   One of the challenges that I’m approaching as part of this internship is finding a solid faith community. At any given time in my faith journey I have split myself up between no less than two, and up to five different worship groups. Sometimes there are a few in the same […]

Spiritual Practices

We Associates have been talking about “Spiritual Practices” a lot in our weekly vocation meetings with our advisers, and it has really forced me to think about my spiritual practices as an artist. Over the years, I have employed a variety of tactics to bring myself closer to the divine in my daily life, among […]

On the Relatively Soul Crushing Experience of Planning Programming, or What I Will Do Better Next Year.

A blog post or two ago, I wrote about OUTLook’s upcoming lecture series, and now, here I stand, on the other side. The experience built character, to say the least. But first, let’s focus on the positives: I learned a lot about two fascinating topics: laws relating to discrimination and the history of HIV/AIDS in […]