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I love the spring. I love the melting snow, walking without a jacket, seeing green, but above all the sun. One of my friends jokingly called me a “sunflower” last year and it is one of the best descriptions of my personality that I have heard. The appearance of nice weather and sunshine is rejuvenating. […]

Moving Towards Progress

Yesterday, M.O.V.E. finally had our first meeting. After two weeks of detailed planning with Denise and Nick we launched our new program. It is both exciting and worrying to start something new. My perfectionist attitude towards my work is difficult to appease and I generally feel as though my work should be improved. Throughout these […]

Isolated Thoughts

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Music is everywhere. I honestly do not know what I would do without music in my life. It is one of the only things that I know I can consistently count on in my life. No matter what is happening, no matter the time, nor the place music is an escape. It really helps me […]

Paul Is Problematic

This Past Sunday I had the privileged to preach at Old West United Methodist Church.  It was a challenging experience as I was given a question and not a bible passage.  However, I am really proud of how I did.  I would like to share my sermon as my reflection for this week.   “I […]

Doubt and Questions… And Taylor Swift

This Past Sunday I was granted the Wonderful opportunity of Preaching at Old West United Methodist Church.  I wanted to share my sermon.  The written words may not be exactly what I said, but it is pretty close to it. Growing up in the Church, hearing the story of Thomas was a pretty common occurrence, […]


This was the first whole week of school/work pretty much all semester.  The good side of that was working at the pool, I finally got to see my Monday classes.   However, it has been an exhausting week.  I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on snow days and holidays to be my Sabbath. Since […]

ASL and Deaf Mass

When I was 13 I fell in love with American Sign Language. I don’t know why or what sparked my passion but I remember telling my mom how badly I wanted to learn it. Unfortunately I was too young to take the community center’s class and as I got older, I was too busy. My […]

Experiencing the Divine in Music

At a Recent Marsh service and Bach Sunday, I heard a beautiful prayer thanking God for the gift of prayer and for music when words aren’t enough. I always knew music was an important part of praying and have even been told that singing is praying twice (whatever that means). I interpret that as meaning […]

On the need for a new church cont.

Before I continue with this train of thought I must answer a critique I received on my last post. It was said that I conveyed a disdain for the rituals of the church. In my last post of this title I attempted to convey, not my own personal discomfort with the rituals of the church, […]