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The End of the Baseball Season

Unfortunately, the Boston Red Sox fell to the Houston Astros last night in the fourth game of the ALDS. The end of a season. A year’s worth of work, sweat, dedication, and hopes dashed with one last out. I have a similar feeling about school at this point. Sometimes I put in copious amounts of […]

The Black Church

I do not think I will ever leave the black church. It is where I found my love of God and myself honestly.  Three years at Marsh and the first year at Marsh challenged me in ways I could not imagine. I was challenged by the stillness of the service and how much time there […]

Can’t Change the World Unless We Change Ourselves

The one thing I want to do with my life is make for certain that it is a much better place when I leave it than it was when I was breathed into it. It sounds a bit cheesy, but I want to save the world. I want to be the change I wish to […]

Ordinary Moments

Lately, I’ve been thinking about journeys. More specifically, the journey of life, the moments that make it up and the people we share it with.When I think about my journey, my mind is quickly drawn to high or low points, clearly defined, with tangible lessons learned on the spot. This post is not about those […]


I love the spring. I love the melting snow, walking without a jacket, seeing green, but above all the sun. One of my friends jokingly called me a “sunflower” last year and it is one of the best descriptions of my personality that I have heard. The appearance of nice weather and sunshine is rejuvenating. […]


Music is everywhere. I honestly do not know what I would do without music in my life. It is one of the only things that I know I can consistently count on in my life. No matter what is happening, no matter the time, nor the place music is an escape. It really helps me […]

Paul Is Problematic

This Past Sunday I had the privileged to preach at Old West United Methodist Church.  It was a challenging experience as I was given a question and not a bible passage.  However, I am really proud of how I did.  I would like to share my sermon as my reflection for this week.   “I […]

Doubt and Questions… And Taylor Swift

This Past Sunday I was granted the Wonderful opportunity of Preaching at Old West United Methodist Church.  I wanted to share my sermon.  The written words may not be exactly what I said, but it is pretty close to it. Growing up in the Church, hearing the story of Thomas was a pretty common occurrence, […]


This was the first whole week of school/work pretty much all semester.  The good side of that was working at the pool, I finally got to see my Monday classes.   However, it has been an exhausting week.  I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on snow days and holidays to be my Sabbath. Since […]

ASL and Deaf Mass

When I was 13 I fell in love with American Sign Language. I don’t know why or what sparked my passion but I remember telling my mom how badly I wanted to learn it. Unfortunately I was too young to take the community center’s class and as I got older, I was too busy. My […]