This year, we will hold three practices a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each night, we will leave around 5:15-5:30 and arrive at our practice facility, McGolf in Dedham, around 6. The club has purchased punch cards for buckets of balls so you will not have to purchase your own balls. There will be one or two, 12 passenger vans to bring us to each practice, depending on participation.


We have three tournaments scheduled for the fall season. The first is the Beanpot on Sunday, September 20, between BC, Harvard, Northeastern, and us. Location an time TBD. The following week, September 26 and 27, is the NCCGA Northern New England Tournament 1 at The Oaks Golf Links in Somersworth, New Hampshire. Tournament 2 is at The Crumpin-Fox Club in Bernardston, MA on October 24 and 25. The two NCCGA tournaments will include clubs from Maine, New Hampshire, UMASS Amherst, MIT, and others.

Tournament Player Selection Protocol:

At practices, the officers and coach Steven Tasho will decide who will play in the tournament that weekend. It will be based on participation and ability. If you come to practice regularly and show that you have an understanding of the game, than we will do our best to choose you for one of the tournaments. We have a number of really good players on the team and our goal is to be as competitive as possible in these tournaments. If you are more of a recreational player, that is completely fine as well.


We are in the final stages of ordering golf shirts and bags for the season. We ordered based on the responses to the survey earlier in the summer, and we will distribute them accordingly.

Van Certification:

In order to rent a van from club sports, we must have two certified van drivers per van. This means that we will need four certified drivers for every practice night. If you plan on participating regularly in practice, I am asking you to attend a van certification class so we will never run into a problem with a shortage of drivers. Here is a list of all the certification classes offered by club sports:

Tuesday, 9/1, Recert 4:30-5:00pm, FitRec, Classroom 222

Tuesday, 9/1, Cert 5:00-8:00pm, FitRec, Classroom 222

Wednesday 9/2, Recert: 12:00-12:30pm, FitRec, Classroom 221

Wednesday 9/2, Recert: 5:00-5:30pm, FitRec, Classroom 222

Thursday 9/3, Recert: 5:00-5:30pm, FitRec, Classroom 221

Friday 9/4, Recert: 12:00-12:30pm, FitRec, Classroom 222

Friday 9/4, Cert: 4:00-7:00pm, FitRec, Classroom 222

Saturday 9/5, Cert: 9:00am-12:00pm, FitRec, Classroom 222

Monday 9/28, Cert: 5:00-8:00pm, FitRec, Classroom 222

Wednesday 11/4, Cert: 5:00-8:00pm, FitRec, Classroom 222

The ones that say “cert” are for those who have never been certified before, and “recert” is for those who have. As you can see, there are plenty of offerings, so if you can find one that fits in your schedule, please attend.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello,
    I’m an incoming undergrad student at Questrom. I would be very interested in joining the golf team during 2015-2016 academic year.
    I play golf in Switzerland and my handicap is 3.9.
    How do I register? Could you confirm it is 800 + 150-200 per year and tell me what it includes?

    Thank you !

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