The Boston University Club Golf Team is open to golfers of a variety of skill levels.  It is a team that is both student run and student funded.  Each team members pay yearly dues that cover practice and other expenses throughout the year.  All members of the team are entitled golf at both our home course and practice facility at no additional charge. The dues typically are in the range of $150 to $200.  Typically a year round membership to the McGolf practice facility is $800 and up so the $150 fee to practice twice a week, year round should be a very appealing offer to all golfers.  Fees including team shirts and bags are not included in the yearly dues.  Transportation to and from golf is provided through the Boston University Club Sports Department and its registered drivers.

Our goal as a club is to make golf as enjoyable and fun for golfers of all skill levels.  To do this, we travel to a different golf course in the Massachusetts/New England area every weekend to play. Even though the greens fees are not included in the club dues collected at the beginning of the year, the opportunity to practice twice a week and play a new course every weekend is one that most college students would not pass up.

Practice Schedule: Practices are scheduled for Wednesday and Friday evenings at the McGolf Driving Range.  During practice, golf instruction is provided by the coaching staff.

Practice Facility: McGolf Driving Range (Dedham, MA) – http://www.mcgolfonline.com/

Home Course: Leo J. Martin Memorial Municipal Golf Course (Weston, MA)

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