Spring 2013 Birdies Challenge

To all parents, friends and alumni of the Men’s Golf team,

There is now an extra reason to cheer when we break par this season! We are starting our Spring 2013 Birdies for Men’s Golf Fundraiser. Here’s how it works:

We are asking parents, friends and alumni to pledge a monetary donation each time one team member of their choice breaks par. At the end of the spring season, we will tally up the birdies for each player and see how much we as a team have raised. We would love it if we could get as many of our fans to help support the team! Even 2$ a birdie will make a big impact for the team. Simply fill out and┬áreturn┬áthe form on the bottom of this page, track your player on this website and help out BU Men’s golf!

Thank you in advance for your support,

BU Men’s Club Golf

Birdies Challenge Form