Spring Break


The Terriers went to Atlanta, GA for their spring break trip to play Georgia Tech and Clemson. We played two very tough games and suffered two unfortunate losses. The first game against GA Tech was a heart breaking loss of 2-1 as the defense really proved themselves with goalie Kyle Lange making an incredible 24 saves. The game was being streamed online and while only 3 goals were scored it was a very exciting and hard fought game with everyone giving it their all. As the coaches put it after the game, the opportunities were there and we battled but it came down to one bounce that could have gone either way. The offense showed a lot of potential with great posessions but the finishes just weren’t there. The next day the Terrier traveled two hours to play an afternoon game against Clemson with the long ride taking a toll on the players. The first half was a big let down with Clemson scoring 8 goals. The second half showed new life for the Terriers as they won the half 6-3 but it was too late to make up for the first half. A lot of constructive criticism can be taken from both games with the ┬ámajor focus being on production from the offensive end. Off the field the team had a lot of fun enjoying everything ATL had to offer as the team was able to bond and come together outside of lacrosse. The trip was short, giving the players time to relax and take some much needed time off for the rest of spring break. When we get back we’re jumping right back into things with two big upcoming conference games against URI and #9 BC, both teams currently undefeated.

Pictures from the GA Tech game :https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151298423126373.1073741830.635216372&type=1

Please note that the BC game will be switched to a home game for us so keep checking the MCLA schedule for changes and updates.

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