Jackson Liu

Jackson is not shy, he has tons of words he wants to tell you! This is the reason he might stare at you without saying anything. As the only international graduate student in the team, he am still struggling with the language and trying his best to communicate with my teammates. He touched volleyball for the first time 11 years ago in primary school. Although he hated the endless and boring practice against the wall at that time, he remembered one thing… that it’s the loneliness that makes you eligible to fight shoulder to shoulder with others. It was a long time that he hadn’t played volleyball until he entered university as a freshmen and picked it back up. He’s played in three positions, MB, OP and OS chronologically with no preference. Besides volleyball, he also plays badminton and Ping-Pong. He doesn’t like noisy places unless he’s with treasured friends. Listening to some quiet music alone is his kind of enjoyment.
“It’s so happy to come to Boston, loving this city, loving BU and loving people living here. I have a girlfriend whose first name is Volleyball and with the last name of Teammates. One Two B!U!”