2019-2020 Tournament Schedule
September 15th: Volunteer Hubs on Wheels
April 8th-11th: NCVF Nationals in Kansas City
2018-2019 Tournament Schedule
September 16th: Volunteer Hubs on Wheels
October 7th: Emmanuel Tournament
October 14th: Volunteer at Paddy’s Road Race
November 4th-5th: Winter Invitational 2018
December 2nd: Johnson and Whales Tournament
February 9th: Divisional I at Boston College
February 16th: Divisional II at Northeastern
March 3rd: Interdivisonal at UNH
March 10th: Interdivisonal at Umass Lowell
March 23rd: James Walker Alumni Tournament
April 6th-7th: Regionals at UNH
April 17th-21st: Nationals in Denver
2017-2018 Tournament Schedule
September 8th: BU Splash 2018
September 7th: Open Gym on Court 4 @ Fitrec
September 12th and 14th: Tryouts on Court 4 @ Fitrec
September 17th: Volunteer at Hub on Wheels
TBD: Emmanuel Tournament
October 15th: Volunteer at Paddy’s Road Race
October 29th: Brandeis Alumni Tournament
November 4th-5th: Winter Invitational
November 17th: URI Preseason Tournament
December 7th: Scrimmage with Northeastern
December 2nd: Johnson and Whales Tournament
TBD: Scrimmage with Wentworth
February 3rd: Interdivisional @ Dartmouth
February 18th: Divisional I @ UNH
February 24th: Divisional II @ BC
March 24th: James Walker Memorial Alumni Tournament
April 7th-8th: Regionals
April 12th-14th: Nationals in St. Louis