Monthly Archives: February 2012

Resetting forgotten password in Ubuntu 11.10 (perhaps others as well)

For Ubuntu 11.10 “forgot admin password” issue, try the following (at your own risk) At GRUB, choose Recovery Mode, then root. Try passwd <your_user_id> If you get “Authentication token manipulation error”, do: mount -o remount,rw / And then use the passwd <your_user_id> again.

Fedora 16: changing screen dim timer

Fedora 16 automatically dims the laptop screen after a short period of inactivity. This period of inactivity appears to default to 10 seconds–which can be an unsettlingly short time. To increase the Fedora 16 screen brightness timer, the following Terminal commands are relevant: Check Fedora 16 screen brightness dimming timer (value in seconds): gsettings get […]