Monthly Archives: November 2012

Compacting (reducing maximum size of) VDI files for VirtualBox

One might pick a large maximum dynamic disk size for a VirtualBox guest OS, not realizing that even if one uses a small portion of that maximum size, the guest OS (especially Windows) will spread itself out, so that say a 10GB Windows XP NTFS image will consume say 30+GB of your host OS (assuming […]

Install Matlab Student R2012a (32-bit) in Ubuntu 12.10 (64-bit)

Note: if you have 64-bit Student Matlab (i.e. Matlab Student R2013a and higher), then you skip step 2. Note: This procedure (step 2) is now obsolete for 32-bit Matlab as ia32-libs is no longer available. Preliminary Checks: type ifconfig | grep eth0 and be sure you have an ethernet card listed–if not, you may need […]

using FITSIO in Octave under Cygwin

Cygwin installs the minimal amount of packages necessary, so to do work with many programs, you must install the prerequisities. This is especially true when trying to read FITS files in Octave using the Octave-FITS package, which depends upon the CFITSIO library. Here are the prerequisities you’ll need (get them using the Cygwin Setup.exe program) […]

Octave/MATLAB ‘bug’ with fileread()

Working with ASCII text files from various operating systems, you might encounter a case where Octave or MATLAB using fileread() reads an ASCII file with one character per line. E.g. an input file in.txt containing: Joe 100 eggs and executing: data = fileread(‘in.txt’) gives: J o e 1 0 0 e g g s To […]