Draftsight CAD software on Ubuntu 14.04 or 12.04 64-bit

You can easily install this and other .deb programs that have complicated prerequisites by using GDebi:
sudo apt-get install gdebi
sudo gdebi ~/Downloads/draftsight.deb


That should be it. Draftsight 2015 is for 64-bit Linux. The information below is not needed and out of date.

Manual, complicated way follows:

You can also consider trying more libre options

Note: These directions applied to Draftsight version V1R3.1 .. V1R5.1

Note: alternatively, Draftsight Windows version will run mostly fine under Wine 1.6.

Here’s how to install the Draftsight V1R5 prerequisites on Ubuntu 12.04 14.04
sudo apt-get install libxcb-render-util0:i386 libpixman-1-0:i386 libgtk2.0-0:i386 libaudio2:i386 libdirectfb-1.2-9:i386 libdirectfb-extra:i386
libpango1.0-0:i386 libpangox-1.0-0:i386 libpangoxft-1.0-0:i386
libts-0.0-0:i386 libxft2:i386

Now, we’ll install Draftsight
sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/draftSight.deb

and fix the missing requirements if any with a second command:
sudo apt-get -f install

now try typing draftsight at terminal and see if the splash screen AND the second window requesting your registration pops up (careful, this second registration window is sometimes hidden under other app windows you have open!)
If draftsight isn’t “found”, probably the link wasn’t put automatically into /usr/bin/draftsight. In that case, try:

cd /opt/dassault-systemes/DraftSight/Linux/
(Note: before V1R5, path was: cd /opt/dassault-systemes/draftsight/bin )
and type
If that works, then you need to create a softlink to the binary by typing in Terminal:
sudo ln -s /opt/dassault-systemes/DraftSight/Linux/DraftSight /usr/bin/draftsight
if you don’t have an icon in the “start menu” of Ubuntu, try doing in Terminal:
sudo nano /usr/share/applications/draftsight.desktop
and paste this content into this file then save and try your start menu again:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=DraftSight (Linux)
Comment=Edit DWG/DXF files


Note, you may not be able to X-Forward your desktop running Draftsight. I haven’t tried VNC.

9 thoughts on “Draftsight CAD software on Ubuntu 14.04 or 12.04 64-bit”

  1. I’ve followed the instructions to install for 32-bit ubuntu. upon initial opening, DraftSight showed the toolbar containing “file;edit;draw;modify;dimension;layer” etc… I turned off my computer for a short period of time, then turned it back on and opened draftsight, and now the toolbar containing the above mentioned options has disappeared and I am unable to restore it. I attempted uninstalling and reinstalling, however it has not proven successful…. please advise

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post this information. It solved many hours of frustration for me.



  3. Tried this on xubuntu 14.04. I now have a draftsight icon in the graphics tab of the dropdown but I still can’t open draftsight, no matter how many times I click on that icon.

    1. Hi Nestor,

      Sometimes the soft link isn’t made correctly in /usr/local/bin.

      If you look inside the /opt directory, can you find the DraftSight executable?

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