Monthly Archives: January 2013

Finding files in Linux

the Linux “find” command will give you a lot of ‘Permission denied’ messages when searching your whole hard drive. One workaround for this is to create a custom script, we’ll call it ‘myfind’ that suppresses these messages. In terminal, type: sudo nano /usr/local/bin/myfind Then type: #!/bin/bash find $1 -name $2 2>/dev/null then save o and […]

using wakeonlan with Linux–from outside LAN (worldwide)

On target (PC to be remotely controlled) do: sudo apt-get ethtool backup your /etc/network/interfaces file: sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.backup sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces You should see a segment that looks like the following. If not, try adding it. Note, if this goofs up, you may not have network access for your machine until you copy the […]

rigctl / hamlib with Kenwood TS-2000

On a modern PC, you may notice intermittent errors with the Kenwood TS-2000 , something like: read_string(): Timed out 0.2 seconds without reading a character. The solution seems to be making rigctl wait for the TS-2000 to catchup by using the hardware handshake–you need a “real” RS232 cable for this to work, with the correct […]

Unicode characters in Draftsight V1R3: Ubuntu

While the ttf-linux-libertine package provides a great looking font that works in most Ubuntu programs, for Draftsight the font I’ve found that supports many special Unicode characters (e.g. with tildes over letters) is GNU Freefont otf-freefont To use GNU Freefont for Unicode in Draftsight, add some text by typing MT at the Draftsight Command Line […]