Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cygwin: making OpenBox start upon typing ‘startx’

To make OpenBox start when you type ‘startx’ in Cygwin, in Cygwin (one-time) type: echo “exec openbox” > ~/.xinitrc Reference:

ImageJ-Win64 won’t start

Upon freshly downloading and extracting FIJI for Windows 7 64-bit, I found that typing at the Command Prompt: ImageJ-Win64.exe would do nothing. I found that typing (once) ImageJ-Win64 –cp jars/javac.jar fixed the problem–thereafter, I could just click on ImageJ-Win64 to start. Reference:!topic/fiji-users/1yNPbNM13l4

workarounds for rare case where cloud server is messed up and you need your sshfs mount!

I sometimes access an enterprise Windows system that always makes its network “cloud” files accessible via sshfs. I don’t know the details of this server system, and one day I was in the field and needed my networked files in the cloud badly, but couldn’t SSHFS mount via the head end server from any computer […]

sshfs: Input/Output Error

On some servers, when using SSHFS, the drive will appear to mount, but when trying to access the drive in Terminal you get Input/Output Error The “fix” for this at least in some cases appears to be appending a trailing slash to the remote directory. Here’s an example: SCRIPT THAT GIVES “INPUT/OUTPUT ERROR” sshfs -o […]