Monthly Archives: March 2013

xfreerdp: correcting “remote host identification has changed” error

To access a Windows PC from Linux, some use port forwarding from an OpenSSH or other SSH server running as a service on the Windows PC, with RDP on port 3389 blocked by the Windows Firewall. SSH is used with port forwarding to get to RDP. Trouble is, when connecting to multiple Windows PCs this […]

Intel AMT / vPro KVM: Port forwarding necessary

NOTE: when setting up your remote PC, consider enabling standard VNC (if you’re behind a hardware firewall) that will remove the need for proprietary RealVNC Viewer Plus–all you will need is one of the many free open VNC programs to have full remote control. See: For those installations behind a firewall, here are the […]

Matlab R2013a Student version in Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit

Thankfully, Matlab R2013a Student version is now 64-bit in Linux. The install is also more straightforward on a 64-bit Linux system, since it appears the special 32-64 bit libraries may not be required anymore. Just purchase R2013a student version as usual, download the installer saying “I have JRE”, and type: javaws download_agent Tell it to […]

Matlab: Reading specific images and parts of image frames from FITS file with fitsread

In Matlab, it is possible to read specific frame(s) from a FITS file. That is, you can read frames one at a time from a large multi-frame FITS file in MATLAB. Here’s an example that reads each frame of a 4096-frame FITS file, with each frame being 256×256 pixels for i = 1:4096 currFrame = […]

Linux: finding files of certain type modified less than X days ago

Just a simple reminder (and easy to use). To search your home directory and all subdirectories for a certain type of file, let’s say you’re searching for all MATLAB scripts (*.m) modified within last 60 days. Type in Terminal: find ~ -name ‘*.m’ -type f -mtime -60