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Setting up Beagleboard Black (BBB) with Ubuntu

This procedure assumes you are running on a PC running Ubuntu itself. Do not power up the BBB until instructed. 1) Take a blank micro SD card 2GB or bigger and plug it into your laptop/desktop PC. I use Gparted to remove any existing partitions on this microSD card. Be sure you know which /dev/mmcblk0 […]

Installing Madrigal Python API

For those in the aeronomy community, the Madrigal download page doesn’t tell how to actually install Madrigal. Here’s how to install Madgrigal Python API:   Download API and extract into your home directory (e.g. ~/remotePythonAPI-2.2) in Terminal, type: python ~/remotePythonAPI-2.2/ install

Disabling middle mouse paste Linux

A perhaps annoying X11 feature is the “middle mouse button paste” behavior that can lead to posting unwanted text in a document when you’re simply trying to scroll through it. Note: the method below has not been extensively tested by me, but seems to “just work”. Keep a backup of your original .Xmodmap file if […]

MATLAB: allow integer, non-exponential ylabel or xlabel

MATLAB’s default behavior, which Mathworks says is currently not changeable, is to put exponential format into xlabel and ylabel for large numbers–even integers. To allow the xlabel and ylabel to be integers (e.g. 362093), put the following line after you set xlabel or ylabel: set(gca,’YTickLabel’,sprintf(‘%7d|’,get(gca,’YTick’))) In this case, the ‘%7d’ means I want up to […]

GUFW can’t start: Ubuntu 13.04

On a fresh install of GUFW on Ubuntu 13.04, I was unable to get GUFW to start by clicking the icon. Going to Terminal and typing gufw, I saw a string of errors, culminating in: IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/tmp/’ I saw that root had r/w permissions for this file, and everyone else had […]

Copying or moving WINE to a new PC

Migrating to a new PC or new install of Linux can be accomplished by first copying your entire home directory to an external HDD, then copying back to your new (install) PC with a tool like grsync. (I don’t necessarily recommend this method, but it can work). This can cause two issues for WINE. if […]

“Permission denied” when installing Matlab R2013a 64-bit on Ubuntu 13.04

When installing Matlab on Linux, especially from an external/network drive, when you type sudo ./install you might get an error like: /tmp/mathworks_xxxx/sys/java/jre/glnxa64/jre/bin/java: Permission denied To fix this problem, try the following (steps for R2013a) 1) copy the whole matlab installation directory to your local home drive ~ e.g. to ~/mathworks_downloads 2) type chmod +x ~/mathworks_downloads/R2013a/sys/java/jre/glnxa64/jre/bin/java […]

2013 Apple Superdrive works ONLY with Macs!

FYI, if you were thinking of purchasing the A1379 Superdrive CD/DVD drive for general use with Macs and PCs, be aware that this Superdrive works ONLY with the current generation of Macs–it will not work with any PCs, and has been said to not work with older Macs, either!