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Matlab POLYBOOL: external contours and internal contours

The Matlab Mapping Toolbox allows one to perform several useful arithmetic operations with polygons, including finding the intersection (POLYBOOL) and areas (POLYAREA) of polygons. A warning message you may see when working with POLYBOOL is Warning: (X1,Y1) contains no external contours. Function POLYBOOL assumes that that external contours have clockwise-ordered vertices, and all contours in […]

Intel AMT / vPro full remote KVM control without proprietary RealVNC Viewer Plus

Here is how to have full remote KVM control of your PC without the proprietary RealVNC Viewer Plus software. Note: if you already have PCs in the field without these changes, you can change the settings remotely–but as always, exercise great care, as a wrong checkbox hit can necessitate a field trip to the PC […]

C++: writing code to work in both Visual Studio (windows) and g++ (linux)

This is written for someone looking to quickly write some code in C/C++ for mathematical computations. You might be used to using Visual Studio in Windows instead of the Code::Blocks or Eclipse-CDT available on Windows/Mac/Linux. Here are a few things to consider to compile your Visual Studio-originated C++ under multi-platform (Windows Mac Linux) * Command […]

Windows 8.1 on Virtualbox 4.2

You will need to have at least VirtualBox version 4.2.16, or you will get error like: Windows 8.1 preview installation fails: Your PC needs to restart | Please hold down the power button | Error Code 0x000000C4 And when setting up the VM, be sure to select Windows 8.1, not just Windows 8 ! Also, […]

Greek Fonts in Draftsight

Draftsight V1R3.2 doesn’t currently allow the <ctrl><shift>u trick that works for most other Ubuntu program to get Greek characters. However, Draftsight V1R3.2 does have the ARGrekS.shx font, which has many Greek symbols. in DraftSight, type style and under Drafting Styles>Text create a new style called “greek” and select font “ARGrekS.shx” and then under Drafting Styles>Dimension […]

Google Earth 7.1 crash fix (Ubuntu 13.04 x64)

Many have reported problems with Google Earth 7.1 under Ubuntu (as of July 2013). An strace of google-earth was not very revealing. I noticed that I had installed the 64-bit .deb package from the Google website–this version crashes when typing a search query into the Google Earth search box. To remedy this (for my PC […]

Canon ImageClass MF4350d: using as a scanner under Ubuntu 64-bit

Once you have installed the printer drivers, you can also setup your Canon MF4350d (and probably other Canon multifunction devices) under Ubuntu 64-bit 12.04 LTS, etc. Procedure: 1) sudo apt-get install xsane 2) start xsane and it will automatically scan for connected scanners. You should see the name of your scanner in the titlebar of […]

Canon ImageClass MF4350d: Ubuntu 64-bit driver install

In summer 2013, the 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu drivers finally came out for the Canon MF4350d multi-function printer (as well as a whole host of other Canon printers). Previously, a lot of wrangling was seen on the web using tricks like the “alien” program to bring the RPM files to Ubuntu. All this fuss is no longer […]

Ubuntu/Linux DOSBOX: setting up USB to Serial RS232 port convertor

Here’s how to setup a USB to serial convertor to use with DOSBOX on Linux: 1) type ll /dev/ttyUSB* and note the device corresponding to your USB to serial adapter (probably /dev/ttyUSB0 unless you have multiple such adapters) 2) type sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB0 (assuming ttyUSB0 is your device) 3) Edit the DOSBOX configuration file […]

Matlab R2013a: Testing C++ MEX on Ubuntu 64-bit

To use C++ MEX for Matlab R2013a on Ubuntu 13.04, you must first have setup GCC 4.4 as described in: (1) Copy and paste the following text into your Matlab Command Window: copyfile(fullfile(matlabroot,’extern’,'examples’,'mex’,'yprime.c’), ‘~’) mex yprime.c (2) test by typing in Matlab command window: yprime(3,[4,2,7,1]) ans = 2.0000 5.9924 1.0000 2.986