11 thoughts on “Measured power consumption of Intel Edison”

  1. When I received my modules a few weeks ago, I did the same thing and also used a 9V battery. I don’t have my readings handy at the moment, but as I recall they closely matched your readings.

    I’m not sure what I expected, but obviously the circuitry on the mini-breakout board draws quite a bit of current at both idle and shutdown.

    I also have an Edison-Arduino breakout board but haven’t measured it yet. With all its circuitry, it will draw a lot more than the mini.

  2. I tried replicating your tests, and I can’t seem to your low power readings. I can only get it down below 40mA.

    I am using the edison breakout board, even re flashed the edison to make sure I didn’t have anything messing with the readings. Is there anything you did to get these low readings?

    1. Hello John, what voltage were you using? If you were using say 5 volts, your current draw would increase.
      Also this was using the mini breakout board, the big Arduino board may draw more power.

  3. I was using the mini breakout board with 9V from a bench power supply on J21. The only measurement I had problems with was idle power.

    I notice the re-flashed version no longer has the annoying lag on the serial port. I wounder if the newer image no longer puts the Edison into sleep mode….

    1. Interesting John, I do remember that I tested this with the older flash version. I noticed when using the latest (as of Nov 2014) flash, the dropping of the first character on the serial port doesn’t occur anymore, but I did not remeasure the current. So you might have found the reason.

  4. Thanks for the help.

    Got a virgin Edison and tried it again and I get the 10ma reading, so yes it looks like the new flash image does NOT put the edison to sleep.

    As a side note, I found that when you power down the edison it still draws 5ma I assume this is from LED on the mini breakout board, so sleep mode should only draw around 5mA or 45mW without the LED.

    1. Great detective work John, quite possibly there is some configuration/command to let the Edison go to sleep for real-life use, as most of the time people won’t be connected to the serial port.

      Yes that LED must be drawing those 5mA.

    1. Hello John,
      I didn’t measure the full battery life with a 9V battery. Based on the 9V battery datasheet, at full CPU, one might get 3-4 hours running the Intel Edison on a 9V battery.

      In a use case where the Intel Edison was resting most of the time, one might get in the range of 12-36 hours on a 9V battery.

      Like cell phones and smartwatches, the battery life is strongly dependent on how much the Edison is woken up to do work.

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