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Video Software Defined Radio lectures from WPI

At youtube, from Worcester Polytech Inst.: ECE4305 ECE5312

Matlab R2014b: X11 forwarding and OpenGL

The new plotting engine in Matlab R2014b has caused some hangups and reduced quality plots for people using Matlab over X11 forwarding. Consider starting Matlab this way: matlab -nosoftwareopengl figure set(gcf,’renderermode’,'manual’,'renderer’,'painters’) plot(randn(100,1)) If you can’t start Matlab with the -nosoftwareopengl open, omit that open and try plotting with the set(gcf….’painters’) line as shown above for […]

Matlab R2014b: installing the integrated OpenCV support

Initially it appears that to use OpenCV from Matlab R2014b, you will need to write your OpenCV calls in C++, using all the usual Mex stuff. This is not very convenient to me; it would be much more convenient to use the friendly syntax of Python. However the Python support in Matlab R2014b allows passing […]

Matlab 2014b Python: can only pass 1xN vectors!

There seems to be a show-stopper for many uses of the Python interpreter functionality built into Matlab R2014b. It seems you cannot pass matrices! We might investigate reshaping the matrix into a 1xN vector into Python, and reshape back to a matrix when done, but  I think Matlab will make copies at both reshapings. I […]

Matplotlib: 3-D mesh wiregrid example

Some of the Matplotlib 3-D examples out there are a little out of date. Here is a minimal working example for the current version of Matplotlib 1.4 #!/usr/bin/env python from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D # this line must come before the next line! from matplotlib.pyplot import figure,show from numpy import linspace,meshgrid,pi,sin #for testing ”’ key point: […]

Matplotlib: force integer labeling of axis

When plotting output of simulations with Matplotlib, sometimes we want to label an axis as say “instantiation #” or “Sample #” or “try #” or the like. To do this, you need to do: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from matplotlib.ticker import MaxNLocator …. ax = plt.figure().gca() … ax.xaxis.set_major_locator(MaxNLocator(integer=True)) This will make the x-axis have integer-only […]

Amateur Radio band plans: strong FM adjacent to weak signal modes thoughts

I was in an conversation with regard to a 902MHz enthusiast list, and we were discussing issues that may be unique to the 902MHz band due to the ARRL band plan, that was adapted to reflect reality in much of the USA with regard to easily adaptable commercial equipment. The real life ham bands where […]

Anaconda Python on Windows 10

Anaconda Python 64-bit also initially seems to startup and install fine on Windows 10 Technical Preview, so far.

Cygwin on Windows 10 Technical Preview

Yes, Cygwin 64-bit seems to install and run just fine on Windows 10 using VirtualBox.

AGI STK in Virtualbox on Linux

AGI STK (Systems Tool kit) does not currently run under WINE for version 10 of STK. However, you can run STK from VirtualBox using Windows guest virtual machine. Currently (with VirtualBox 4.3.16) you may find that STK crashes upon opening a scenario. Shutdown your virtual machine and try disabling 3D acceleration, enabling 2D acceleration, and […]