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hamlib: Stopping/starting rigctld and rotctld via Bash script

Stopping rigctld and rotctld: #!/bin/bash # finds rigctl and rotctl PIDs and SIGTERMs them # Michael Hirsch RigPID=$(pgrep rigctld) RotPID=$(pgrep rotctld) if [[ -n $RigPID ]]; then echo “Stopping rigctld PID $RigPID” kill $RigPID fi if [[ -n $RotPID ]]; then echo “Stopping rotctld PID $RotPID” kill $RotPID fi Starting rigctld and rotctld: for Kenwood […]

Changing serial RS-232 COM port baud rate of Kenwood TS-2000 remotely

To change the baud rate of the Kenwood TS-2000 over the RS-232 serial COM port, you can do this locally or remotely. Locally, you go into menu 56, and select your baud rate. Hamlib/rigctl recommends using the highest possible baud rate i.e. 57600 baud. Then power cycle the radio. Remotely, look at the CAT EX […]

WSJT-X on Ubuntu

This is easy to install thanks to John Nogatch’s PPA: 1) sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jnogatch/wsjtx 2) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wsjtx 3) mkdir ~/.wsjtx && cd ~/.wsjtx 4) wget Then just type wsjtx to start WSJT-X program