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Amateur Radio band plans: strong FM adjacent to weak signal modes thoughts

I was in an conversation with regard to a 902MHz enthusiast list, and we were discussing issues that may be unique to the 902MHz band due to the ARRL band plan, that was adapted to reflect reality in much of the USA with regard to easily adaptable commercial equipment. The real life ham bands where […]

hamlib: Stopping/starting rigctld and rotctld via Bash script

Stopping rigctld and rotctld: #!/bin/bash # finds rigctl and rotctl PIDs and SIGTERMs them # Michael Hirsch RigPID=$(pgrep rigctld) RotPID=$(pgrep rotctld) if [[ -n $RigPID ]]; then echo “Stopping rigctld PID $RigPID” kill $RigPID fi if [[ -n $RotPID ]]; then echo “Stopping rotctld PID $RotPID” kill $RotPID fi Starting rigctld and rotctld: for Kenwood […]

Changing serial RS-232 COM port baud rate of Kenwood TS-2000 remotely

To change the baud rate of the Kenwood TS-2000 over the RS-232 serial COM port, you can do this locally or remotely. Locally, you go into menu 56, and select your baud rate. Hamlib/rigctl recommends using the highest possible baud rate i.e. 57600 baud. Then power cycle the radio. Remotely, look at the CAT EX […]

WSJT-X on Ubuntu

This is easy to install thanks to John Nogatch’s PPA: 1) sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jnogatch/wsjtx 2) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wsjtx 3) mkdir ~/.wsjtx && cd ~/.wsjtx 4) wget Then just type wsjtx to start WSJT-X program