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Setting up GCX (Linux astrometry program)

The first step is sudo apt-get install gcx you will need the GSC ACT catalog, downloaded using wget. There are a lot of directories with lots of ~50KB files, so it will take a while even with a very fast internet connection. Maybe there is a better way to use wget to download a huge […]

Setting up program

Note: if you have Ubuntu 14.04, you can simply type: sudo apt-get install Otherwise, or if you want the latest version, follow the steps below. If you want a nice wrapper program I wrote that plots right ascension / declination and azimuth /elevation for your image, check out: the is what you […]

Installing PyEphem in Ubuntu–computing sunrise/sunset in Python

PyEphem has some of the functionality for Python that the NAIF SPICE package has for C, FORTRAN, IDL, and MATLAB–specifically, the ability to perform high-precision astronomical calculations. PyEphem may be obtained from: To install the PyEphem or Ephem packages for Python 2.7 or 3.x respectively, you must first have the python-dev or python3-dev respectively […]