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Disable Beaglebone Black flashing heartbeat LED

To disable the annoying heartbeat LED: sudo -s echo none > /sys/class/leds/beaglebone\:green\:usr0/trigger exit Note, this might reset at reboot. You can search the web for how to make this permanent via the device tree (requires extraction and recompilation). Might also be able to do something with rc.local — didn’t try this. Reference:

Install Debian 7 to eMMC (internal flash drive) of Beaglebone Black

Note there’s now a semi-automated script to do this. 1) on your laptop PC, goto and download the Debian 7 image (e.g. debian-wheezy-7.0.0-armhf-3.8.13-bone20.img.xz ) 2) [optional] check that md5 sum is correct by typing in Terminal: md5sum ~/Downloads/debian-wheezy-7.0.0-armhf-3.8.13-bone20.img.xz this should match the md5 given at the download page 3) type lsblk, note which drives […]

Setting up Beagleboard Black (BBB) with Ubuntu

This procedure assumes you are running on a PC running Ubuntu itself. Do not power up the BBB until instructed. 1) Take a blank micro SD card 2GB or bigger and plug it into your laptop/desktop PC. I use Gparted to remove any existing partitions on this microSD card. Be sure you know which /dev/mmcblk0 […]