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Satellite Radar Calibration article list

Martian Surface Reflectivity seen by MARSIS Mars Express Scientific Overview After One Martian Year in Orbit The SHAllow RADar (SHARAD) Experiment, a subsurface sounding radar for MRO Analysis of spacecraft antenna systems: Implications for STEREO/WAVES MARSIS Ionospheric Calibration MARSIS Calibration Plan Calibration of the SHARAD Instrument MARSIS, a radar for the study of the Martian […]

Mars Radar Sounder missions (other than MARSIS) article list

Autofocus Correction of Phase Distortion Effects on SHARAD Echoes GPR missions on mars Mars high resolution Shallow Radar (SHARAD) for the MRO 2005 mission SHARAD design and operation SHARAD, a shallow radar sounder to investigate the red planet Subsurface Radar Sounding of the Jovian Moon Ganymede SolarSystem2012: The Planetary Science Decadal Survey The SHAllow RADar […]

MARSIS Antenna characterization article list

The Lightweight Deployable Antenna for the MARSIS Experiment on the Mars Express Spacecraft Analysis of Soundnig Antennas of the Mars Express MARSIS Experiment Analysis of the Lenticular Jointed MARSIS Antenna Deployment MARSIS antenna flight deployment anomaly and resolution. MARSIS antenna deployment testing and analysis Various methods of calibration of the STEREO/WAVES antennas Numerical Computation of […]

MARSIS Subsurface Measurements article list

A simple inversion model for the estimation of subsurface features of Mars poles Applying non-iterative phase errors compensation method to restore radar subsurface image Exploring the Martian subsurface of Athabasca using MARSIS radar data: Fast radar signal simulator for SAR ground penetrating applications GLRT-detection performance in subsurface sounding GPR Missions on Mars (MARSIS): subsurface performances […]

MARSIS Ionospheric Measurements article list

Sorry, just titles for now until I determine a better way to dump my spreadsheet here. MARSIS Ionospheric measurements: An exploratory survey of the attenuation of radio signals by the ionosphere of Mars An Imaging HF GPR Using Stationary Antennas: Areas of enhanced ionization in the deep nightside ionosphere of MarsĀ  Attenuation of radio signals […]

Non-uniform FFT (NUFFT) imaging tomography article list

[FREE] Imaging from sparse measurements: Y. Fang, M. Cheney and S. Roecker On NUFFT-based gridding for non-Cartesian MRI: Jeffrey A. Fessler