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Overview of free 2D CAD options for Linux – 3Q2013

As of 3Q2013, there are a few leading choices for 2D CAD software for Linux. In short, if you have a specific need to work natively with DWG (e.g. customer demands DWG, and DXF is not acceptable to them (sigh)), then you can try the free-of-charge but non-libre Draftsight. If you like libre software, you […]

Unicode characters in Draftsight V1R3: Ubuntu

While the ttf-linux-libertine package provides a great looking font that works in most Ubuntu programs, for Draftsight the font I’ve found that supports many special Unicode characters (e.g. with tildes over letters) is GNU Freefont otf-freefont To use GNU Freefont for Unicode in Draftsight, add some text by typing MT at the Draftsight Command Line […]