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Comparison of Clang 3.2/3.0 and g++ 4.7.3/4.6.3

Comparison is extremely informal, using non-vectorized code that does a lot of multiply/divide/exponent/add. Just trying to get a handle on option performance–Phoronix this isn’t! End result: using -march=corei7-avx -mllvm -vectorize-loops on clang++ 3.2 Ubuntu 13.04 was the fastest by about 25% advantage over g++ 4.6/clang++ 3.0versions on Ubuntu 12.04, same CPU type Both PCs used […]

C++: writing code to work in both Visual Studio (windows) and g++ (linux)

This is written for someone looking to quickly write some code in C/C++ for mathematical computations. You might be used to using Visual Studio in Windows instead of the Code::Blocks or Eclipse-CDT available on Windows/Mac/Linux. Here are a few things to consider to compile your Visual Studio-originated C++ under multi-platform (Windows Mac Linux) * Command […]