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WriteLatex vs. ShareLatex

Short answer: Use ShareLatex Why? 1) ShareLatex is much faster to compile. I have a 30 page journal article draft with numerous figures, and WriteLatex seems to take on the order of a minute to compile while ShareLatex was substantially less. 2) ShareLatex has far better error/warning feedback and a much better IDE overall. WriteLatex […]

My Comment on Draft AGU Data Position Statement I like the new emphasis on documentation. I would strengthen this even further by emphasizing the provision of open-source code/API that allows at minimum recreation of all figures in published papers, and canonical registration cases. Publication of source code AND compilation instructions (example: GPL) necessary to recreate all paper figures should be an essential […]

Very pleased with Lenovo warranty service

My corporate X220 had the space bar get slightly intermittent after 4 years of hard use and abuse. Naturally the corporation had the maximum warranty coverage, but I didn’t want to have someone manhandling my computer. Instead, a few minutes on the phone with their Atlanta, Georgia tech support center saw me getting a Next-Day […]

Pros/cons of LogMeIn, TeamViewer, GoToMyPC

My work involves data collection from remote, inaccessible sites located around the world. I need to have highly-reliable methods of remote control. So I make sure every PC is Intel vPRO enabled, allowing me to power down, reboot, and even reinstall the operating system remotely from a HTTP vPro internal webserver on port 16992. Checklist: […]

HP50g vs. TI-89

I have used the TI-89 for over a decade, and obtained the HP 50g shortly after its release. I tried honestly to use the HP 50g, and here are a few objections that put me back to the TI-89 (just bought a second TI-89 actually): The low resolution (blocky/grainy) of the HP 50g is a […]