Category: Computer Performance

Ralink RT2800 Warning TX status “fix”

I have some of the ubiquitous USB Wifi sticks with a chipset using the Ralink rt2800 driver. I noticed that while it works fine, I got a lot of dmesg errors like: rt2800usb_txdone: Warning – Got TX status for an empty queue 2, dropping rt2800usb_entry_txstatus_timeout: Warning – TX status timeout for entry 14 in queue […]

Using Phoronix Test Suite 5

Prerequisites sudo apt-get install php5-cli php5-curl php-fpdf install Download from, then type: sudo gdebi phoronix-test-suite_5*.deb if you don’t have gdebi, you can install gdebi on Ubuntu 14.04 by: sudo apt-get install gdebi-core run tests (from terminal) phoronix-test-suite benchmark c-ray phoronix-test-suite benchmark hpcc phoronix-test-suite benchmark scimark2 phoronix-test-suite benchmark xonotic Listing all results on this PC […]

Setting up Thunderbird 14 for Google Apps accounts (business/university)

If you’re setting up Thunderbird for the first time, the “Mail Account Setup” wizard will start automatically. Otherwise, click Edit>Account Settings>Account Actions>Add Account to bring up the wizard. In the first window, type your Name, Email address, and password (strongly recommend un-checking Remember password). Then click Continue, and click Manual Config. Fill in the next […]

Read/Write speed of Seagate Momentus XT 500GB hybrid hard drive

The Seagate Momentus XT 500GB hybrid hard drive (4GB SSD, 500GB HDD) is selling for $90 at the moment on Amazon. I plugged the new drive into my Kingwin Dockmaster USB 3.0 adapter to see what the drive could do over a USB 3.0 link, using Disk Utility on Ubuntu 12.04. The average read speed […]

SSD Pricing

The price of SATA III SSD’s is relevant to many types of researchers who find themselves having to use SSD as a form of oversized cache when performing certain data acquisition or processing algorithms. As such, we informally track the price of SSD’s from time to time here. For now, we focus solely on the […]