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GDL setup with Astronomy library (open-source IDL replacement)

sudo apt-get install gnudatalanguage edit your .bashrc, adding the line: export GDL_STARTUP=~/.gdl/ Now to say setup the Astronomy Library for GDL, download it from and extract to say ~/IDLtoolbox/astrolib finally let’s edit the nano ~/.gdl/ and paste in: !PATH=!PATH+’:'+Expand_Path(‘+~/IDLtoolbox/astrolib/’) which keeps the current paths and adds all the Astronomy library subdirectories. to check […]

Compiling GDL (gnudatalanguage) 0.9.4 on Ubuntu

I wanted the bugfixes and improvements of GDL 0.9.4 over the 0.9.2 that comes with Ubuntu 12.04 and the 0.9.3 that comes with Ubuntu 13.10. Get the sources, extract to a directory, and install these packages (sudo apt-get install) libbz2-dev libplplot-dev libfontconfig1-dev libplplot-dev libncurses5-dev libreadline-dev libgsl0-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev libmagick++-dev libnetcdf-dev libhdf4-alt-dev libgraphicsmagick++1-devel libhdf5-serial-dev libfftw3-dev python-dev libeigen3-dev […]

Converting IDL code to MATLAB or SciLab code automatically

Note: from Python, you can try PyIDL: The “idl2matlab” SourceForge project publishes source code that you can compile under Windows or Linux to attempt to automatically convert IDL code to MATLAB code. In May 2013 IDL2MATLAB version 1.6 was updated to use current version of GCC. Prerequisites: sudo apt-get install libbison-dev flex ./configure now […]

GDL PLOT: PLplot installation lacks the requested driver: xwin

In Ubuntu 12.04, you might get this error upon trying to use the “plot” command of GDL (the open-source alternative to IDL). To resolve this, try in Terminal: sudo apt-get install plplot11-driver-xwin and restart GDL. Note, the version number “11″ may have changed by the time you read this–just watch for such a message when […]