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WriteLatex vs. ShareLatex

Short answer: Use ShareLatex Why? 1) ShareLatex is much faster to compile. I have a 30 page journal article draft with numerous figures, and WriteLatex seems to take on the order of a minute to compile while ShareLatex was substantially less. 2) ShareLatex has far better error/warning feedback and a much better IDE overall. WriteLatex […]

post graph of .tex document progess to HTML server

This program extracts the word count and equation count. Also available from TeXcount are several other counts such as floating element count. This program is setup to use passwords, not encrypted keys. Maybe you’ll fix it to work with public keys. Prereq: sudo apt-get install texcount git python-pip sudo pip install paramiko Download program: git […]

pdflatex error: epstopdf Output filename not allowed in restricted mode.

you may get this error if you include .eps files that are not in the same directory or a subdirectory of your .tex file. E.g. a file that is in a directory above or adjacent to your current level. The “fix” is to include the -shell-escape option in your pdflatex command. E.g. pdflatex -shell-escape myfile.tex […]

Setting up GCX (Linux astrometry program)

The first step is sudo apt-get install gcx you will need the GSC ACT catalog, downloaded using wget. There are a lot of directories with lots of ~50KB files, so it will take a while even with a very fast internet connection. Maybe there is a better way to use wget to download a huge […]

Adding missing fonts to LaTeX: Ubuntu

If you’re using a LaTeX editor like TeXWorks or TeXMaker or various others, and you want to be able to use a wider range of fonts (say the marvosym smiley face font), install the TeX Live recommended fonts by typing in Terminal: sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-recommended

Converting RIS citations to Bibtex / Biblatex citations

the handy utilities at: will convert RIS to Bibtex (Biblatex) format. You must compile from the source code (no problem). Here’s how: Download most recent copy from: Extract to /tmp directory type cd /tmp/bibutils* type ./configure && make && sudo make install Now, to convert from RIS to BIBTEX, imagine i have cit02.ris, […]