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Pros/cons of LogMeIn, TeamViewer, GoToMyPC

My work involves data collection from remote, inaccessible sites located around the world. I need to have highly-reliable methods of remote control. So I make sure every PC is Intel vPRO enabled, allowing me to power down, reboot, and even reinstall the operating system remotely from a HTTP vPro internal webserver on port 16992. Checklist: […]

[Science] Who’s Afraid of Peer Review? DOI: 10.1126/science.342.6154.60 “…Ocorrafoo Cobange does not exist, nor does the Wassee Institute of Medicine…I have submitted 304 versions of the wonder drug paper to open-access journals. More than half of the journals accepted the paper, failing to notice its fatal flaws…the data from this sting operation reveal the contours of an emerging Wild West…” […]