Converting AVI to grayscale PNG for easier analysis/viewing

An example of a large pixel-count AVI is the Dahlgren et al 2013 article on auroral bursts. This was taken with a 2560×2160 Andor Neo sCMOS camera and this video has 351 frames.

You can try this process to keep in a more widely-compatible MJPEG motion JPEG AVI format, or alternatively you can convert each frame to PNG and use Irfanview or your favorite image browser to flick back and forth between frames. The conversion occurs using ImageMagick (which itself calls ffmpeg in this case).

convert -verbose CMOSvideoshorter_halfspeed.avi -type Grayscale CMOSvideo_%03d.png

in this example, 351 PNGs will be created of about 1MB size each.