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Cropping AVI files in FFMPEG

The syntax to crop AVI files in FFMPEG has changed recently from the previous syntax. The syntax for FFMPEG version 0.7.3 AVI cropping is as follows: ffmpeg -i input.avi -vf crop=439:455:73:15 -vcodec mjpeg -qscale 2 output.avi The assumptions made above were that you wanted your output video to be: 439 pixels wide 455 pixels high […]

MATLAB Linux AVI playback “only uncompressed AVI movies can be read on UNIX” error

MATLAB on Linux claims to only playback uncompressed AVI files on “UNIX” systems. However, MATLAB on Linux can’t even play all uncompressed AVI filed depending on your particular system configuration with gstreamer. The solution thus far, with MATLAB 2012a, seems to be using Motion JPEG in AVI videos. Here’s a tentative solution for playing back […]