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AGI STK in Virtualbox on Linux

AGI STK (Systems Tool kit) does not currently run under WINE for version 10 of STK. However, you can run STK from VirtualBox using Windows guest virtual machine. Currently (with VirtualBox 4.3.16) you may find that STK crashes upon opening a scenario. Shutdown your virtual machine and try disabling 3D acceleration, enabling 2D acceleration, and […]

Windows 8.1 on Virtualbox 4.2

You will need to have at least VirtualBox version 4.2.16, or you will get error like: Windows 8.1 preview installation fails: Your PC needs to restart | Please hold down the power button | Error Code 0x000000C4 And when setting up the VM, be sure to select Windows 8.1, not just Windows 8 ! Also, […]

Compacting (reducing maximum size of) VDI files for VirtualBox

One might pick a large maximum dynamic disk size for a VirtualBox guest OS, not realizing that even if one uses a small portion of that maximum size, the guest OS (especially Windows) will spread itself out, so that say a 10GB Windows XP NTFS image will consume say 30+GB of your host OS (assuming […]

Virtual Box: adding user to vboxusers on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04

sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers USERNAME where USERNAME is your login name. Note: Current versions of VirtualBox >= 4.3 seem to do this automatically for you.