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Importing old OpenCV modules from OpenCV 2 in Python on Windows

Some of the legacy modules like Horn Schunck Optical Flow in OpenCV 2.4 are located in “cv” instead of “cv2″ . To be cross-platform compatible, instead of doing import cv,cv2 I suggest doing import cv2 from cv2 import cv —————————————————- Further, in Windows running Anaconda Python 2.7 (or whatever Python 2.7 you choose), OpenCV is […]

Matlab Compiler tbb.dll errors

Even with a fresh install of Windows 7 x64 and Matlab R2013b, I was getting tbb.dll related errors after compiling M-scripts using Matlab Compiler deploytool. The exe would compile, but upon running it would issue various tbb.dll errors. This problem happened across multiple PCs. To fix this problem, I followed this process: 1) download latest […]

Safely ejecting USB flash thumb drives in Linux

In Windows, we use safely remove devices when removing USB drives, as typical inexpensive flash drives write data quite slowly (less than 5MB/sec). This is because by default, Windows “write caches”, that is, Windows uses RAM to temporarily store files — making the copy/write operation appear done faster than it actually is. In Linux, the […]

Which format to use for sharing USB flash thumb drives and USB HDD

I have found that EXFAT is the most convenient format for sharing files between Mac/Linux/Windows/Android. EXFAT is supported from Windows XP through Windows 8.1 and beyond. EXFAT is supported on Mac OS X from 10.6.3 and newer [1]. EXFAT is supported on Linux from CentOS 5 and Ubuntu 10.04 and newer. EXFAT is supported from […]

Stop MATLAB high CPU usage on Idle (Windows/Mac/Linux)

For at least Matlab R2013a and R2013b, you may find that after opening the Matlab Help Browser (and even after closing just the Help Browser while keeping Matlab itself open), that Matlab uses 100% of one CPU core at about 25% duty cycle. You can try pasting this command into Matlab (it will persist, you […]

Xrdp on Ubuntu 12.04 through 14.04

Note: ubuntu-2d was REMOVED from Ubuntu 12.10 onward. So for Xrdp on Ubuntu 12.10 and newer, observe the specific steps below. For cases where you have to allow RDP users from Mac/Windows to connect to a linux machine, and for whatever reason you can’t install TightVNC on the Mac/Windows user PCs, you can try Xrdp, […]

ImageJ-Win64 won’t start

Upon freshly downloading and extracting FIJI for Windows 7 64-bit, I found that typing at the Command Prompt: ImageJ-Win64.exe would do nothing. I found that typing (once) ImageJ-Win64 –cp jars/javac.jar fixed the problem–thereafter, I could just click on ImageJ-Win64 to start. Reference:!topic/fiji-users/1yNPbNM13l4

One-double-click SSH Tunnel with RDP (from Linux to a remote Windows PC)

Assuming you have a remotely located Windows PC, and you’re using a Linux PC, and there is a port-forwarding router on the remote end, say: remote router WAN (internet-facing) address: remote router forwarded port: 4321 remote PC RDP port: 3389 remote PC LAN address: remote PC SSH login: MyPC remote PC name: MyPCname […]

Installing FFMPEG and FFPLAY on Windows

To install FFMPEG and FFPLAY on Windows (XP through 7) follow these steps: 1) download FFMPEG from 2) unzip the folders inside to c:\ffmpeg 3) set your PATH to include c:\ffmpeg\bin You can now use the powerful FFMPEG from the Windows Command Prompt. Note: if you don’t already have 7zip installed on Windows, download […]

One-click RDP over SSH tunnel with Windows machines at both ends

While you can use PuTTY for SSH tunneling and then manually launch Remote Desktop Connection, I find it more efficient to simply reuse techniques so convenient from Linux. Here is how to do one-click RDP over SSH tunnel using Windows on both ends using Cygwin. Example: Suppose your remote SSH server on the remote Windows […]