Computer Vision

Here are several useful websites and/or toolboxes for MATLAB and other languages for Computer Vision. As I run across more, I’ll try to post them here.

A description of how to compile and run the test codes from the J.L. Barron 1994 article “Performance of Optical Flow Techniques”

are found at:

The MATLAB Computer Vision toolbox allows you to quickly prototype algorithms to see if they’re feasible for your situation before you spend a lot of time hand-coding algorithms from a classic paper of interest. On Linux, I find that if I can’t read an AVI file, transcoding the AVI to Motion JPEG has always worked for me so far. Procedure for this is found at: <–Toolboxes for computing Robotic Motion and Computer Vision with MATLAB <–MATLAB toolbox that calls MEX files for best speed when computing the Optical Flow algorithms