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7-zip unavailable in 64-bit Cygwin

At the time of this writing, 7-zip was still not available in 64-bit Cygwin. Here’s how to work around this issue by using the Windows 7z.exe from Cygwin. NOTE: This method will not show percent complete (no progress report). 1) install the 64-bit 7zip for Windows from http://www.7-zip.org/ 2) in Cygwin, type nano ~/.bashrc and […]

7zipping and moving recursively by top-level directory

The following script takes the top-level directories and makes a 7zip archive from each top-level directory, containing all its subdirectories. This function has a primitive “no-clobber” that won’t overwrite existing files. Note that you can use up all HDD space if you have a lot of huge files — watch the progress of the program. […]