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Greek Fonts in Draftsight

Draftsight V1R3.2 doesn’t currently allow the <ctrl><shift>u trick that works for most other Ubuntu program to get Greek characters. However, Draftsight V1R3.2 does have the ARGrekS.shx font, which has many Greek symbols. in DraftSight, type style and under Drafting Styles>Text create a new style called “greek” and select font “ARGrekS.shx” and then under Drafting Styles>Dimension […]

Draftsight CAD software on Ubuntu 14.04 or 12.04 64-bit

You can easily install this and other .deb programs that have complicated prerequisites by using GDebi: sudo apt-get install gdebi sudo gdebi ~/Downloads/draftsight.deb   That should be it. Draftsight 2015 is for 64-bit Linux. The information below is not needed and out of date. —————————————————————- Manual, complicated way follows: You can also consider trying more […]