Fixing SSH Access Denied for Github

Github suggests that you use the SSH Agent, but even that may not work when you have a lot of SSH keys. You need to setup your ~/.ssh/config file so that SSH to uses the correct SSH Public Key the first time. Here’s how.

nano ~/.ssh/config

and add the lines

        User git
        Port 22 
        IdentitiesOnly yes
        PubKeyAuthentication yes
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/MyGithubKey

where MyGitHubKey is the key you created following the process (without ssh-agent)

Then switch your remote URL to SSH

Setting up program

Note: if you have Ubuntu 14.04, you can simply type: sudo apt-get install
Otherwise, or if you want the latest version, follow the steps below.

If you want a nice wrapper program I wrote that plots right ascension / declination and azimuth /elevation for your image, check out: the is what you want.

setup the prereqs:
sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev libnetpbm10-dev netpbm \
libpng12-dev libjpeg-dev python-numpy \
python-pyfits python-dev zlib1g-dev \
swig cfitsio-dev

then download newest .bz2 file from:
extract it to your ~ directory, then go in and type in Terminal
make py
make extra
sudo make install

edit your .bashrc file, adding the line
export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/astrometry/bin"

to increase performance, edit
sudo nano /usr/local/astrometry/etc/astrometry.cfg
(sometimes it’s in /etc/astrometry.cfg)
and uncomment the
and modify
add_path /opt/astrometry/data
note: TILDE won’t work! actually use /home/username
where username is your Linux login.

sudo mkdir -p /opt/astrometry/data
for i in {08..19}; do
wget -nc -nd -P /opt/astrometry/data"$i".fits