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Matlab R2013b/R2014a: BLAS loading error

Matlab R2013b has a known bug where you get the error: Error using * BLAS loading error: dlopen: cannot load any more object with static TLS This is noted in Mathworks Bug 961964, where it’s noted that the problem exists in R2012b, R2013a, R2013b, and R2014a. I have only noticed this error in R2013b and […]

Matlab: fseek() bug with uint64 offset

Matlab R2013a/R2013b (probably others) cannot handle uint64 seek offsets. however, Octave 3.6 and Octave 3.8 can work with uint64 offsets. Matlab error, but works with octave offs = unit64(0); %or any number fid = fopen(‘test.dat’); fser = fseek(fid,offs,’bof’); fser will be -1 for matlab, 0 for octave

Matlab R2012a Linux Computer Vision Toolbox bug

The vision.VideoFileReader method will issue a “Could not open the specified file” error if you use the ~ in the filename for your home directory. The ~ notation works for every other Matlab command but vision.VideoFileReader e.g. non-working code filename = ‘~/myVideos/foo.avi’; hvfr = vision.VideoFileReader(filename, ‘ImageColorSpace’, ‘Intensity’); step(hvfr) >>Error using VideoFileReader/step Could not open the […]