Matlab R2013b/R2014a: BLAS loading error

Matlab R2013b has a known bug where you get the error:

Error using *
BLAS loading error:
dlopen: cannot load any more object with static TLS

This is noted in Mathworks Bug 961964, where it’s noted that the problem exists in R2012b, R2013a, R2013b, and R2014a. I have only noticed this error in R2013b and R2014a. That bug report (requires login to Mathworks) will give you a .zip file, that at the time I downloaded, contained dated Jan 30, 2014. This file goes into
don’t forget to backup your original before replacing it!

Separately, in R2013b and R2014a, I have noticed
occasionally popping up in the Matlab command window. I have read in the forums that this is Java 7’s fault, and that disabling horizontal mouse scroll stops the MEvent.Case! message — which it does, but it also disables horizontal mouse scroll for all software.

Matlab R2012a Linux Computer Vision Toolbox bug

The vision.VideoFileReader method will issue a “Could not open the specified file” error if you use the ~ in the filename for your home directory. The ~ notation works for every other Matlab command but vision.VideoFileReader

e.g. non-working code
filename = '~/myVideos/foo.avi';
hvfr = vision.VideoFileReader(filename, 'ImageColorSpace', 'Intensity');

>>Error using VideoFileReader/step
Could not open the specified file.

but if you type:
filename = '/home/mypc/myVideos/foo.avi';

(where mypc is your login name)
then vision.VideoFileReader works normally.

I filed a bug report with The Mathworks, but their reply was WONTFIX.