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nmap with Cygwin

As of this writing, nmap is not built-in to Cygwin. Here is how to install and configure nmap so that you can call nmap seamlessly from Cygwin: 1) Download and install the “self-installer” from http://nmap.org/download.html#windows You do NOT need the WinPCap services, I unchecked those options. 2) in cygwin, type nano .bash_profile and add the […]

Using nmap to determine which IPs are active on a subnet

Example: you have a router that puts all devices with IP addresses 192.168.1.xxx where xxx is a number between 1 to 255. nmap -v -sn | grep -B1 up will tell you the IP addresses that are active on that subnet. Options: -v: verbose -sn: just scan if active PC available (ping scan) It […]