Spyder 2.3 Python3 installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Note: Now that Spyder 2.3 has been officially released for Ubuntu 14.04, you can just do
sudo apt-get install spyder3

Note finomdq comment that you need the backports repository.

If you would like the newest Spyder 2.3.3 with bugfixes for Pandas Series and Dataframes, then consider doing

pip install --upgrade spyder

ipython3 ipython3-qtconsole python3-pyside.qtcore python3-pyside.qtgui python3-pyside.qtsvg python3-pyside.qtwebkit python3-psutil python3-pep8 python3-sphinx

0) download and extract the ZIP file of the latest Spyder 2.3 from https://bitbucket.org/spyder-ide/spyderlib/downloads
I extracted it to ~/spyder-2.3.0/
1) change to that directory and type
python3 bootstrap.py --no-apport
2) nano ~/.bash_aliases
and add the line
alias spyder23="python3 ~/spyder-2.3.0/bootstrap.py --no-apport"

Then you can start Spyder 2.3 from Terminal just by typing
spyder23 &

Note, you might see errors in Terminal like
“X Error: BadCursor (invalid Cursor parameter) 6
Major opcode: 2 (X_ChangeWindowAttributes)”
That is a known nuisance message: