Spyder 2.3 Python3 installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Note: Now that Spyder 2.3 has been officially released for Ubuntu 14.04, you can just do
sudo apt-get install spyder3

ipython3 ipython3-qtconsole python3-pyside.qtcore python3-pyside.qtgui python3-pyside.qtsvg python3-pyside.qtwebkit python3-psutil python3-pep8 python3-sphinx

0) download and extract the ZIP file of the latest Spyder 2.3 from https://bitbucket.org/spyder-ide/spyderlib/downloads
I extracted it to ~/spyder-2.3.0/
1) change to that directory and type
python3 bootstrap.py --no-apport
2) nano ~/.bash_aliases
and add the line
alias spyder23="python3 ~/spyder-2.3.0/bootstrap.py --no-apport"

Then you can start Spyder 2.3 from Terminal just by typing
spyder23 &

Note, you might see errors in Terminal like
“X Error: BadCursor (invalid Cursor parameter) 6
Major opcode: 2 (X_ChangeWindowAttributes)”
That is a known nuisance message: