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Spyder 2.3 missing rope for Python3

The just-released Spyder 2.3 (on Ubuntu, get by typing) sudo pip3 install spyder but it’s missing rope. To get rope, type sudo pip3 install rope_py3k for great online help

Spyder with Ipython: Make matplotlib plots appear in own window

The default for Spyder 2.2 and 2.3 with Ipython is to have new matplotlib figures appear “inline” in the Ipython console. I want separate windows to pop up for figures as with the standard python console. To do this: In Spyder, click Tools, Preferences, Ipython Console, Graphics and under Graphics Backend select “automatic” instead of […]

Spyder 2.3.0 Python3 installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Note: Now that Spyder 2.3 has been officially released, you can just do sudo pip3 install spyder This is not a permanent installation, it leaves your existing Spyder installation alone. Prerequisities: ipython3 ipython3-qtconsole python3-pyside.qtcore python3-pyside.qtgui python3-pyside.qtsvg python3-pyside.qtwebkit python3-psutil python3-pep8 python3-sphinx 0) download and extract the ZIP file of the latest Spyder 2.3 from https://bitbucket.org/spyder-ide/spyderlib/downloads I […]