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Making Cygwin SSH server for Windows

One of the great things about using Cygwin SSHD is you also have access to the full suite of Cygwin tools like Octave, Imagemagick, etc. note, I won’t get into security setting here–but at least consider using Public Key Authentication — it’s much stronger than any human usable keyboard password. Procedure: 1) run “setup-x86_64.exe” and […]

Removing sshd daemon in Cygwin

One reason you might want to disable/remove the sshd daemon is upgrading from 32-bit Cygwin to 64-bit Cygwin WARNING: This procedure disables SSH access to your PC. You will have to have another means (e.g. physically being at the keyboard or RDP directly on port 3389) to access the PC again! To disable SSHD server […]